Street Defense for Women – Teaching What Matters!

Street Defense for Women is a special program that teaches practical, easy-to-learn self-defense strategies based on real life situations.

This intensive program will introduce you to the Core Strategies System used by Robinson's Karate and give you immediate, practical knowledge.

Come learn how Paula S. frightened away an attacker without using physical force. Discover how you can protect yourself against a much larger and stronger opponent. This class is appropriate for women of all fitness levels. No experience necessary.


Topics Covered:

  • Avoiding Dangerous Situations
  • One-on-One Scenarios
  • Verbal Self-Defense Preparedness
  • Stand-up Confrontations
  • Ground Fighting
  • Psychological Preparedness
  • ...and Much More!

Any Place - Any Time, $99 entire group. 60 minute sessions. 

Register Today - call Robinson's Karate at 314-849-6660.