Client Letters

Client Letters and Testimonials for Robinson's Karate

"My children and I have trained at Robinson's Karate Company for years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else! We came to Steve after trying out one of those "long-term contract, hidden fee" schools. Robinson's Karate is a breath of fresh air, with no pressure and no hidden charges!"

"More importantly, my children love it. To keep two active, spirited boys interested in karate for over six years tells you that Robinson's Karate knows kids, and gives them the attention and instruction that keeps them looking forward to more lessons. My boys have learned self-discipline along with karate, and have had fun in the meantime."
-- Spencer E. Farris, The S.E. Farris Law Firm, St. Louis, MO

"As a parent who has also been in elementary education for thirteen years, I recognize what a gem we have found in Robinson’s Karate. Both Steve and Kevin have truly found their niche working with children and adults alike! I have recommended them many times and would whole-heartedly invite you to give it a try."
-- Donna Braun

"Robinson's Karate is great for kids. Steve is always super-positive, yet he expects the best effort and attention from his students. New City School kids who take karate with steve have gained strength, balance, control over their bodies, and self-defense skills — all while having enjoyable classes."
-- Barbara Thompson, Former Assistant Head, Family Support, New City School

"Just wanted to let you now what a great job Kevin did with the karate class last week. He came to Camp Des Peres and kept the kids totally fascinated... Kevin always does a great job in class, but he was amazing with a large group of sweating camp kids. He's a gem!"
-- Jayne Lunstrom

"... Steve, I think you are a wonderful teacher and should take heart to know that you have helped to prepare me for the "streets" of Seattle! Because of you, I have a lot more confidence that I can handle myself in a tough situation."
-- Ellen Ostlund

​​​​​​​​"I was bored with health clubs and gyms, so I decided to join Robinson’s Karate. It was a great move. Now I reach my personal fitness goals and learn something really useful at the same time... how to protect myself."
-- Scott Deffenderfer

"Steve and Kevin are wonderful instructors. They have helped my granddaughter overcome her shyness."
-- Jean Muser

"Dear Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the positive influence you have had on Drew and the other kids you teach. From the beginning, we have appreciated your honest, caring approach. The little things - like not requiring a long-term contract and having a flexible schedule that allows us to "make-up" or reschedule a class when we need to - mean so much to us.

You've gained our respect when you suggested after a 4-week trial, that our son, Drew, was not quite ready and we should wait 5 or 6 months. You've set him up to succeed. He has truly blossomed under your instruction, learning the importance of respect and control - and he's having fun doing it!

We really enjoy watching you work with the kids - you make it look so fun and effortless! It's wonderful to meet someone who seems to have "found his calling" combining a passion for Karate with a love of teaching kids. Everyone at Robinson's Karate seems to have the same honest, caring and fun approach to their work, which speaks volumes about your team.

Thanks again, Steve! We look forward to watching Drew's continued success. Keep up the good work!"
-- The Wegmans