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Common Questions


At what age do you start kids?


What do you teach?

49 Core Strategies

How many classes per week can I attend?

2 times per week

Do children and adults train separately?


What is the class size?


What type of membership do you have?

Monthly with a 30-day cancellation policy

How much do you charge?

$85 Individuals

$130 Family of 2

$160 Family of 3

Each additional family member is $25

Do you have testing fees?


"Dear Steve,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for the positive influence you have had on Drew and the other kids you teach. From the beginning, we have appreciated your honest, caring approach. The little things - like not requiring a long-term contract and having a flexible schedule that allows us to "make-up" or reschedule a class when we need to - mean so much to us.

You've gained our respect when you suggested after a 4-week trial, that our son, Drew, was not quite ready and we should wait 5 or 6 months. You've set him up to succeed. He has truly blossomed under your instruction, learning the importance of respect and control - and he's having fun doing it!

We really enjoy watching you work with the kids - you make it look so fun and effortless! It's wonderful to meet someone who seems to have "found his calling" combining a passion for Karate with a love of teaching kids. Everyone at Robinson's Karate seems to have the same honest, caring and fun approach to their work, which speaks volumes about your team.

Thanks again, Steve! We look forward to watching Drew's continued success. Keep up the good work!" -- The Wegmans

You won't know until you try - you have nothing to lose. Call Robinson's Karate at 314-849-6660 today.