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Are you ready for some martial arts action and high-energy classes proven to get you in shape?
Then give Robinson's Karate a try!

Do you or your kids love high-flying karate moves with incredible stunts? Do you want to get into the best shape of your life while learning how to defend yourself? Well, Robinson's Karate may be just the thing you need.

We Love Everyone!

Here at Robinson's Karate we don't cater to  specific groups of people. This is not a kids' or teens club, it's not an adults only venue either. Everyone is Welcome! Our instructors are highly trained and interested in teaching our students:

  • Focus, discipline, and concenetration
  • Self-confidence
  • Beginning and advanced self-defense
  • Physical conditioning

Make the right choice and choose Robinson's Karate.

Monthly Membership

Robinson's Karate was founded in 1992 with a very simple concept:

"Provide quality training and incredible scheduling flexibiity, while offering an affordable, monthly membership for individuals and families from all walks of life."

Learn more about our monthly membership rates, class schedules, programs, and instructors - "The Dream Team."

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